The  Emprise of the Black Lion III was held on October 3-4, 2003 in the Shire of Midhaven.
Autocrat: THL Donwenna La Mareschale

Prizes as follows:
  • Overall Emprise Champion: Sir Rapheal the Rogue   
  • Primus Equis : THL Agelos Evienece
  • Berfois's Choice: THL Thorkel

  •      The event was attended by about 100 people.
  •     Merchants attended for the first time.
  •     An official berfois was added for the first time as part of the competition. The Befois was made  up of Baroness Fiama, Duchess Groa, and Crown Princess Asa.
  •     This was His Royal Highnesses, Skapti's first equestrian event. He answered the Black Rider challenge at  July Coronation.
  •     The autocrat was HL Donwenna, who gave an account of the event
  •     The EMIC was HL Agelos.
Day 1 was composed of Challengers riding  in the Hastiludes ( rings,  quintain, reeds) and the Champion was Sir Rapheal.  Later that day was the Mounted crest combat tourney. The Champion was HRH Skapti .

On Day 2,  there was a Challenge course with many competitors.  HL Khaidu was Champion