Emprise of the Black Lion  I
  29-30 Sept XXXVI/2001
Hosted by the     Shire of Midhaven
( Lang's Horse and Pony Farm, 21463 Little Mountain Road,
Mt. Vernon WA 98274 )
Autocrat :    THL Agelos Evienece

There were 20 competitors in the Hastilude on Saturday, which comprised of :

  •    3 Ringstands
  •   quintain
  •   Reeds
  •   2  javelin throws

Champion of the day was THL Agelos Evienece.

On the second day a lance competition of lances made up of four riders. Each rider in the lance competed in one category. The lance's cumulative score determined the winner. 
Lance Champions were the
Lance of St Anne Or comprised of the:
(pictured above)
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